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The Pro Wrestling Blog

Hello I am a pretty big pro wrestling fan. I like everything from local indy wrestling all the way up to WWE, TNA, NJPW, AJPW, CMLL, and AAA. If it is wrestling I can sit down and watch it for hours. There is just something that draws me to it.

Something I love about wrestling is that I like to day dream and pretend I am a head booker by playing Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 which is a game by Adam Ryland of It is one of the best pro wrestling simulators of all time. In it you control a head booker or owner of a wrestling promotion and you set up the card. You are responsible for negotiating contracts, match results, controlling the locker room, and all the normal things a head booker normally does. It is a fantastic game I truly recommend for any pro wrestling fan.

Speaking of Pro Wrestling has anyone seen what Diamond Dallas Page has been up to? He is promoting his Yoga business venture and in the process has helped save Jake the Snake Roberts┬álife putting him on an amazing path to recovery and now is helping Scott Hall. DDP is one amazing person who is doing great things for people. I am truly considering picking up his DDP Yoga. Might as well support a good guy who just wants to help people. Plus it looks like it is a good workout that while it isn’t too demanding is still very efficient and productive.

That is just my first post and I plan on posting more. If there is anything you want to see my write about or talk about on my youtube channel please let me know.